July - The Complete Recordings - 6CD

July - The Complete Recordings - 6CD

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6 CD set - UK Import

Released in 1968, the self-titled July album has long been acknowledged by genre enthusiasts as one of the classic UK psychedelic one-shots, mixing the ambition and experimentation of "Sgt. Pepper" with a lo-fi charm and endearing garage band artlessness.

This definitive 6-CD overview of the band's activities includes newly-remastered versions of the album in both mono and stereo formats as well as the various single issues, including a completely different recording of album nugget ‘The Way’.

Also included here is "The Second Of July", a collection of pre-album demos that appeared in the mid-90s to capitalise on the band's growing reputation as original copies of their LP began to sell for increasingly large sums of money.

The remainder of the boxed set consists of more recent July recordings following their triumphant return to live work a few years ago, including the aborted album "Temporal Anomaly", which was recorded circa 2010 but which gains a first-ever release, along with 2013's "Resurrection" and the latest July magnum opus, "The Wight Album".