Anne Briggs - S/T - CD

Anne Briggs - S/T - CD

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Topic Treasures series Deluxe CD issue/ Original album artwork. / Introduction by Anne Briggs / CD Notes from much respected Folk journalist and Anne Briggs authority Ken Hunt. / Rare photographs and track by track notation.A long overdue issue of the classic first album from Anne Briggs on Topic.

Widley regarded as a long-lost treasure and recorded in 1971 by Sean Davies and featuring Johnny Moynihan from Sweenys Men on bouzouki.Anne Briggs began singing in local folk clubs in her teens. In 1962 she became part of the Centre 42 tour which was a leftist group of artists, writers, actors and musicians whose aim was to make arts and culture accessible to the masses. Ewan MacColl first heard Briggs remarkable voice and persuaded her to join the group and tour.

There Briggs met MacColls comrade A.L Bert Lloyd who became her mentor Briggs debut EP, The Hazards Of Love, was produced by Lloyd. Lloyd also recorded Briggs for Topic released albums The Iron Muse and The Bird In The Bush