Indigo Sparke - Echo - CD

Indigo Sparke - Echo - CD

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 Sifting through deep and intimate relationships, Indigo Sparke's debut album "Echo" is a constellation of desire, dreams, memories and melancholia. Infused with heartbreak and hope, her songs are sombre, yet reflective, positioning herself like a stone being tumbled in tides of time.

Laced with sparse filmic piano, seraphic harmonies and reverb-drenched vocals and guitar, this record was born in the desert, where silence forces you to dissect yourself. The record plays like a lullaby. It is soft with gentle nods to the sounds of everyday life, yet dripping with sensuality.

Reminiscent of Hope Sandoval and the Warm Invention's Bavarian Fruit Bread, early PJ Harvey, and Beth Orton, "Echo" tells us that time drags us on and through, and asks us, what will we be left with? And what is it we will return to?