June Tabor - Airs & Graces - CD

June Tabor - Airs & Graces - CD

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Deluxe CD re- issue of the classic Topic album includes 4 bonus tracks, 36 page booklet with extensive new sleeve notes by respected folk journalist Colin Irwin (Mojo/The Guardian), rare photos and a new forward by June Tabor.

Considered by many in the folk world as Tabor's finest work, Topic are proud to present here, in their 80th year, the fourth release on the Topic Treasures imprint - deluxe, expanded issues of their defining albums. 'If you can't appreciate June Tabor you should stop listening to music' - Elvis Costello. For four decades and more since that day in 1976 when June Tabor ventured into Sound Techniques a small barn in Fulham converted into a recording studio - to make her very first solo album, she's been consistently revered, not just in folk music circles, but many realms beyond.

With a voice of rarefied beauty, a subtly emotive and imaginative delivery and an unerring ear for a song to make us cry, laugh, get angry, be sad and think a lot, she holds a special place in the hearts of all who crave more of music than the superficial gloss in which we usually find it wrapped, sealed and delivered. Airs & Graces features 10 beautifully recorded tracks featuring Folk legends Nic Jones on guitar and fiddle and John Gillaspie playing piano, organ, roxichord, bassoon and sopranino recorder! This classic first solo album by June was a long time coming but was well worth the wait.

This beautiful Topic Records Deluxe issue includes 4 bonus tracks hand- picked by June herself along with an introduction and notes by June and respected Folk journalist Colin Irwin. Tracks include While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping, Bonny May, Reynardine and the Eric Bogle classic The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. This track stopped people in their tracks, routinely reduced audiences to tears and went on to have a colourful and slightly bizarre life of its own, The June Tabor version remains one of the most telling and emotive anti-war statements ever.