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Kreator - Gods Of Violence

Kreator - Gods Of Violence

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CD-01 Apocalypticon
CD-02 World War Now
CD-03 Satan Is Real
CD-04 Totalitarian Terror
CD-05 Gods Of Violence
CD-06 Army Of Storms
CD-07 Hail To The Hordes
CD-08 Lion With Eagle Wings
CD-09 Fallen Brother
CD-10 Side By Side
CD-11 Death Becomes My Light
Live At Wacken 2014
DVD-01 Mars Mantra
DVD-02 Phantom Antichrist
DVD-03 From Flood Into Fire
DVD-04 Warcurse
DVD-05 Endless Pain
DVD-06 Pleasure To Kill
DVD-07 Hordes Of Chaos
DVD-08 Phobia
DVD-09 Enemy Of God
DVD-10 Civilization Collapse
DVD-11 The Patriarch
DVD-12 Violent Revolution
DVD-13 United In Hate
DVD-14 Flag Of Hate / Tormentor

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