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Bob Frank - S/T - CD

Bob Frank - S/T - CD

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Digitally remastered reissue of this 1972 album.

Originally released on Vanguard Records, Bob Franks self titled debut album took elements of Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Ian Tyson and filtered it through a pot-smoked haze infused with Franks long-time friend, Memphis guru Jim Dickinson.

Dickinson and Frank shared a mutual admiration that ran so deep that on Dickinson's own 1972 debut album DIXIE FRIED (released on Atlantic Records) he recorded one of Bobs songs, Wild Bill Jones.

Despite the Dickinson/Memphis connection, Bob Franks only LP for Vanguard has remained a forgotten, hard to find vinyl relic.

Carefully remastered from the original tapes, historical maverick (and noted expert on the Memphis scene) Alec Palao recently interviewed Frank in detail and assembled a lengthy essay for the CD  liner notes that detail Franks personal and musical journey.

On these 1972 recordings, session men Charlie McCoy and Eric Weisberg (both known for their work with Bob Dylan via BLONDE ON BLONDE and BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, respectively) came along for the ride.

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