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Caleb Landry Jones - Gadzooks Vol. 1 - LP

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1 LP - download - limited red vinyl 

Caleb Landry Jones is a continual creator. The Texan born star found fame as an actor - you'll recognise him from key roles in "X-Men: First Class", "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", amongst others - but music is perhaps his first love, and his source of greatest comfort.

A chance encounter with famed auteur Jim Jarmusch brought him into the orbit of Sacred Bones, and the stalwart independent released Caleb's 2020 debut album "The Mother Stone".

Psychedelic in a defiantly non-retro way, this indulgent, freewheeling trip won critical acclaim, but masked a secret - he'd already finished another album. "Gadzooks Vol. 1" is unlike anything you've heard before - comparisons range from Skip Spence's fractured masterpiece ‘Oar’ through to skewed troubadour Robyn Hitchcock, via John Lennon's black moods on ‘The White Album’ and Frank Zappa's caustic surrealism. Part of a flood-tide of creativity - as its title suggests, a second half to this album is already on the horizon - "Gadzooks Vol. 1" is thrilling, shocking, and wonderfully entertaining. Each song starts and finishes in entirely unique places, often totally divorced from each other.