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CD - Peter Case - Doctor Moan

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On 16th solo album Doctor Moan, triple Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Peter Case channels spirits of jazz, blues, and boogie-woogie into exquisitely nuanced expressions.

Released by Sunset Blvd Records, Case’s first piano-based release is sonically sparse yet emotionally rich, capturing the peak of both his songcraft and voice with an organic authenticity rare in the digital age.

“I try to take things I love and use them in a new way,” mulled Case. “I grew up on 1950s and ‘60s rock & roll and folk. I learned how to play blues here in San Francisco, out on the street, and then was part of the punk rock movement … It’s all still in there; it’s my musical DNA.

Hopefully it opens up peoples’ hearts and lets them feel emotions that they want to feel but don’t usually have,” he concluded. “And a lot of them are focused on surviving in this world now, so hopefully the warmth of companionship and comfort, too.”