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Chieftains - Film Cuts CD

Chieftains - Film Cuts CD

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1. Rob Roy: O'Sullivan's March
2. Circle Of Friends: Dublin
3. Circle Of Friends: Air-You're The One
4. Treasure Island: Opening Theme
5. Treasure Island: Loyals March
6. Treasure Island: Island Theme
7. Treasure Island: Setting Sail
8. Treasure Island: French Leave
9. Treasure Island: Blind Pew
10. Treasure Island: Treasure Cave
11. Treasure Island: The Hispanola/Silver And Loyals March
12. Barry Lyndon: Love Theme
13. Tristan And Isolde: Love Theme
14. Tristan And Isolde: The Falcon
15. Tristan And Isolde: The Departure
16. The Grey Fox: Main Theme
17. Far And Away: Fighting For Dough
18. Ireland Moving: Ireland Moving-Train Sequence

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