Devo - Smooth Noodle Maps - 2CD

Devo - Smooth Noodle Maps - 2CD

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Long out of print and never reissued, this year FUTURISMO invite you to snake through the chaos with a Deluxe expanded limited edition of DEVO’s 1990 album - Smooth Noodle Maps!

Liner notes by Gerald V. Casale * Remixes, Demos and Unheard Tracks. An underrated gem, Smooth Noodle Maps might oddly be the most anticipated of all DEVO’s reissues. It’s title being a direct reference to the brain was perhaps an irony to fans left underwhelmed at the time, yet over the years this album has become warmly regarded a hardcore fan favourite, especially among those who were there to witness this record mirror an end to the excessive Eighties.

Whether you’re a true believer or have just come to your senses, Smooth Noodle Maps will show you the way. Inspired by the concept of chaos theory, a theme inherent in de-evolution itself, Smooth Noodle Maps paralleled the bands own dissolution of order, yet the albums tight conceptual elements (the artwork featured animations of chaos motion developed by an actual laboratory) and arthouse pop make this a record hard not to love.