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Encore Records Ltd

Diamond Joe: a Treasure Chest of Rarities and Collectibles from the Sound of Meeks-Ville - CD

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As the infamous Tea Chest tapes continue to remain an enigma, we open up our own box of masters to discover some hitherto unissued Meek produced recordings, plus other recordings long since unavailable. With release timed to coincide with the general notice being given to the 40th Anniversary of Meeks death (February 1967), this collection will suit those looking for something new to extend their Meek collection.

The collection brings with it great examples of the Meek production sound. From Glenda Collins, Meeks best known female artist, is an unreleased version of her apocalyptic single recorded in Stereo. Two of the Ray Dexter tracks are also in Stereo, a rare format in the early `60s when these were made. Ray Dexter, a singer songwriter who was busy right through the `60s with singles released on many labels, is included with four of his songs released for the first time. Backing is by the Tornados, and include his demo of 'You Took My Love For Granted', a song he wrote and Meek recorded with John Leyton as the b-side of the international hit 'Wild Wind'. We also have the four John Carter and Ken Lewis recordings Meek produced which have been unavailable for a long time, plus real rarities from Joy and Dave, the Moontrekkers and complete unknowns Johnny Garfield, The Ramblers and Dauphine Street Six.

As it says on the tin, extremely rare and collectable Joe Meek recordings. Includes previously unreleased , such as Ray Dexter (& the Tornados). Includes John Carter and Ray Dexter personal insights of working with Meek.