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Frank Zappa - One Shot Deal - CD

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Track 1 recorded 1974. Probably: Palais des Sports, Paris, France, September 26, 1974. 
Track 2 recorded at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, November 8, 1974 (late show), and at unknown studio & date. 
Track 3 recorded at Royce Hall, UCLA, September 18, 1975. 
Track 4 recorded at DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, November 11, 1972 (early show). 
Track 5 is a guitar solo from Inca Roads, recorded at Rhein-Neckarhalle, Eppelheim, Germany, March 21, 1979. This is the original unedited solo that was used in the piece entitled 'On The Bus' on Joe's Garage Act 1
Track 6 is a guitar solo from Yo' Mama, Rhein-Neckar Stadion, Eppelheim, Germany, February 24, 1978. This was originally released on the cassette,The Guitar World According To Frank Zappa
Track 7 recorded at The Palladium, NYC, October 31, 1981 (late show). This is the audio from the same performance on the DVD 'The Torture Never Stops'. 
Track 8 recorded at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia, June 25, 1973. 
Track 9 recorded at Royce Hall, UCLA, September 18, 1975. Different edit than on Quadrophilliac