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Frankie Miller - Double Trouble - CD

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1 CD - UK Import on Rock Candy

With Chrysalis buoyed by the chart success of the ‘Be Good To Yourself’ single from Frankie Miller's previous album ‘Full House’ , the label was increasingly convinced that a commercial breakthrough was in sight. It was with this belief that American hard rock producer Jack Douglas was asked to produce ‘Double Trouble’, album number five in Miller's considerable arsenal of achievements.

Douglas was, of course, riding high with a series of big selling albums for Aerosmith but agreed to work on this record. For Frankie's harder rock fans it was a dream come true, with Douglas providing a beefed-up approach and an far edgier sound. The band this time around now featured keyboardist Paul Carrack, guitarist Ray Russell and several guests, including Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on backing vocals and mouth harp. Issued in 1978, there's no doubt that ‘Double Trouble’ is one of the definitive Frankie Miller albums.