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Encore Records Ltd

Get Up Kids - There Are Rules - 2LP

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2 LP - download - limited clear blue vinyl

The legendary Kansas City five piece The Get Up Kids are proud to announce the reissue of their fifth studio album, "There Are Rules". Celebrating the album's 10-year anniversary, the new edition is now a deluxe 2LP vinyl with 6 bonus tracks not on the original version, including the entire "Simple Science" EP.

|The unexpected release of "There Are Rules" initially came seven years after the group disbanded following the release of "Guilt Show" and a decade of non-stop touring. The Get Up Kids returned to the studio in 2009, sparked by a spur-of-the-moment decision to start writing songs together again, made while they were rehearsing to promote the tenth anniversary edition of their breakout album, "Something to Write Home About".

Though initially received as an experimental departure from their pioneering Midwestern punk pop sound, "There Are Rules" has since grown among die-hard TGUK fans as being one of their most underrated and daring.