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Hawklords - Heavens Gate - CD

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"Heaven's Gate" is the third part of a trilogy which follows Hakwlords 2017 album "Six" and last years "Brave New World". Issued as British space-rock is celebrated in it's 50th year, the album draws together many musical strands that have influenced the band members over the course of five decades including, folk, blues, poetry, rock and roll, pop and electronica, and is described by the group as "Powerful, thought-provoking meditations on, perhaps, the most endearing of human qualities: Love, itself." Heaven's Gate features: Harvey Bainbridge (Synths and FX), Dave Pearce (Drums), Jerry Richards (Guitars, Sound Design FX and Vocals), Tom Ashurst (Bass and Vocals) and Dead Fred (Synths, Keyboards and Vocals).