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Helix - Long Way To Heaven - CD

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Kitchener's HELIX were a band you could always count on to deliver; live they were like an explosion in a circus and on record they served up numerous hard rock anthems. Furthermore, they were relentless hard workers, banging out classy albums in the blink of an eye and touring the world like men possessed. The smart money was on Helix not only making the grade but also setting the bar for Canadian rock in general.

1985's 'Long Way To Heaven' was their third album for Capitol, their two previous records having elevated them from interesting contenders to hot-shot upstarts with their eyes set firmly on the prize. Naturally, this album doesn't disappoint either, erupting with a fine selection of sing-it-shout-it party rock anthems to rival the most successful bands of the era. Includes the hits "The Kids Are All Shakin'" and the classic power ballad "Deep Cuts The Knife"