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Help Yourself - Passing Through: Complete Studio Recordings - 6CD

Help Yourself - Passing Through: Complete Studio Recordings - 6CD

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6CDs - UK Import on Esoteric

Over four decades on, Help Yourself are now regarded as one of the great, unsung British bands of their era and the songs of Malcolm Morley are recognised as true treasures. "Passing Through: The Complete Studio Recordings" is a 6CD set by a band who took their influences from American West Coast Country and Acid Rock. The band signed to United Artists in 1970 and their eponymous debut album was issued in 1971. "Strange Affair" (1972), "Beware The Shadow" (1972), and "Happy Days"/"The Return Of Ken Whaley" followed.

A fifth album was recorded in 1973 but failed to gain a release for over 30 years, while Morley recorded a solo album in 1976 that would also remain unreleased for 30 years. This box set gathers together all of the albums plus the unreleased album "5", all of the band's non-album singles and Malcolm Morley's unreleased album "Lost And Found" along with a previously unreleased BBC session and a studio demo.

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