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Iain Matthews - I Can’t Fade Away : The Rockburgh Years 1978-1984 - 6CD

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6 CD Box - UK Import

• 106-track, 6CD Box Set retrospective from singer/songwriter Iain Matthews

• Features 2022 remasters of his four albums with legendary record producer Sandy Roberton (‘Stealin’ Home’, ‘Siamese Friends’, ‘Spot Of Interference’ and ‘Shook’)

• Contains 50% previously unreleased material, including early songwriting demos and multiple live performances

Musician and singer-songwriter Iain Matthews should need no introduction. He was an original member of legendary folk rock band Fairport Convention from 1967 to 1969 before leaving to form Matthews Southern Comfort, who scored a UK number one in 1970 with Joni Mitchell’s ‘Woodstock’. In the early 1970s, as well as recording solo for Vertigo and Elektra, Iain played in folk rock “supergroup” Plainsong. Collectively, this body of work established Iain as a master-craftsman of both his own songs and those of others – a tradition he has continued to explore down the decades.

After a mid-‘70s spell with Columbia Records, he teamed up with his long-time producer Sandy Roberton for four albums across the late 1970s and early 1980s, a fertile period which is the subject of our first box set commemorating the various eras of Iain’s long and illustrious career. Stateside, Iain was rarely more popular: in 1979, his cover of Terence Boylan’s ‘Shake It’ reached No 13 on the US charts. A perfect slice of soft rock, ‘Shake It’ also rewarded him with a No 6 hit in Canada and made the Top 20 in New Zealand.

This 6CD box set re-presents the four original albums from that era, ‘Stealin’ Home’, ‘Siamese Friends’, ‘Spot Of Interference’ and ‘Shook’, alongside a wealth of previously unissued material culled both from Iain’s own archive and the collections of fans worldwide. Iain’s 1978 BBC In Concert special gets its first official airing on CD; elsewhere, there’s a wealth of live and demo material to delight even the most casual admirer of Matthews’ music.