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King Crimson - LIve In Newcastle Dec 8 1972 - CD

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This was King Crimson confidently playing the material that would, for the most part, make up the classic "Larks' Tongues in Aspic" album - performed in its near entirety and, improvisations excluded, in the running order that would emerge on vinyl in early 1973 and which is still, some 46 years later, regarded as one of the band's classic recordings and a classic of the era in which it was performed, recorded and released.

Taped with no expectation that it would be used other than, possibly, by a band member wanting to check an element of a previous night's performance, an imperfect mix direct to cassette from a live feed, unplayed since 1972 and still, as thrilling a live recording as you're likely to encounter in 2019.