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Lambchop - I Hope You're Sitting Down / Jack's Tulips - 2LP

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1 LP - indie only red and pink vinyl

 Back in 1994, when Lambchop first lurched lackadaisically into public view, they seemed to many people freakish, outlandish, destined at best for the pages of photocopied fanzines and the graveyard hours of specialist radio stations. A sprawling collective of Nashville musicians - eleven were credited on the sleeve of "I Hope You’re Sitting Down"/ "Jack's Tulips" - they'd named themselves after a sock puppet, inexplicably given their album two titles, and stuck a painting on the cover of a small, barefooted child holding a dog whose cock and balls are on proud display.

Kurt Wagner - the artist behind that striking cover, as well as the group's soft-spoken singer, songwriter, and one of their guitarists, proceeded to offer further fleeting glimpses of a mysteriously intimate encounter, its unconventional details lingering long after the final note of lap steel guitar had faded. Disheveled yet tender, anarchic yet intricate, "I Hope You’re Sitting Down"/"Jack's Tulips" provided the springboard for a career - still ongoing, despite repeated reinventions, and still compelled by stubbornly freakish, outlandish intentions - during which Lambchop's ever-changing line-up has continued to confound expectations.