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LP - Fat Mike - Gets Strung Out

LP - Fat Mike - Gets Strung Out

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It's probably an understatement to say Fat Mike is a bit of a contentious figure. Whether through NOFX - the punk band he formed in 1983 - or outside of it, he likes to provoke and prod people. Because of that, people often dismiss NOFX as little more than an amusing pop-punk band. They're wrong.

That's one of the reasons Fat Mike decided to sit down with his good friend and frequent musical collaborator Baz The Frenchman and make "Gets Strung Out", a record of (mostly) NOFX songs recast and reimagined as classical compositions. It's a way of setting the record straight for those who think NOFX are just another punk band.

Suffice it to say, "Gets Strung Out" is quite an addition to his resume, one that most people would likely not expect, and designed to dispel the dumb punk musician stereotype. It does so comprehensively - and this record only solidifies that fact.

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