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Mojo Magazine - Bruce Springsteen Anthology - 11/21

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Bruce Springsteen: Glory Days 1949-2021 begins with a fascinating account of two encounters with Bruce, in 1973 and 1974, when the singer’s future was uncertain and he was finding it hard to pay the E Street Band’s wages. Springsteen and the group then tell the story of how their fortunes changed dramatically with 1975’s Born To Run album, which brought international acclaim and introduced to the world a collection of colourful characters, inspired by the singer’s blue-collar New Jersey background.

MOJO’s Phil Sutcliffe profiles Bruce’s much-misinterpreted mid-’80s triumph Born In The USA, while David Fricke writes about the ‘quieter’ follow-up, 1987’s Tunnel Of Love, as well as Springsteen’s 2019 album, Western Stars. In between are in-depth interviews by Mark Hagen and Keith Cameron, conducted respectively at Bruce’s home in New Jersey and in New York City, shedding light on every aspect of his extraordinary life and career.