Nazareth - Snaz - 2CD

Nazareth - Snaz - 2CD

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2 Cd

Whether you call NAZARETH's first live album 'It’s Naz' or 'Snaz', there is no denying its presence.

On its release in 1981, they had been operating professionally for 13 years and were at the peak of their considerable powers. In fact, Nazareth were so at home on stage that they chose an entire show for the 'Snaz' LP, feeling that one continuous performance would represent them better than a compilation of songs culled from a variety of gigs.

That show was their May 1981 performance at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. Canada was something of a Nazareth heartland. The boys had built a large and loyal Canadian fanbase over the previous decade and they now appeared in a six-piece line-up that had drawn praise for the depth of its sound.

This upgraded, full-fat sound also suited Nazareth's heavier numbers perfectly, while the band possessed more than enough musical dexterity to hold back when more atmospheric songs required it. Indeed, as live rock statements go, 'Snaz' is up there with the very best, especially in this expanded version! Bonus cuts comprise seven previously unreleased tracks from the Seattle leg of Nazareth's 1981 North American tour, plus two rare studio tracks.