New Moon's In The Sky ~ The British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1970 - 3CD

New Moon's In The Sky ~ The British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1970 - 3CD

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3 CD 

The British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1970 features (appropriately enough) seventy tracks from the first year of the new decade as the British pop scene adjusted to life without The Beatles.

The 3-CD set concentrates on the more song-based recordings to emanate from British studios during 1970, whether from a pure-pop-for-then-people perspective or the more concise, melodic end of the burgeoning progressive rock spectrum.

We acknowledge the end of the road for some bands who'd achieved a modicum of late Sixties success (Honeybus, Love Sculpture, Plastic Penny) while also charting the arrival of various acts like Curved Air, Atomic Rooster (about to score two major hit singles in the space of six months), Stray, future heavy metal major leaguers UFO, Affinity and Cressida, all of whom were able to combine underground rock credibility with an appreciation of the three-minute pop song. We also feature a number of successful late Sixties acts attempting to stay relevant in the new decade and adapt to a changing musical landscape (The Hollies, The Move, Status Quo, Procol Harum, The Tremeloes etc).

But as always, we also shed light on the lost and buried: the studio-only creations, the Beatles disciples, the psychedelic folk adventurers, the one-shot-and-you're-out releases, the pseudonymous pranksters and the backroom duckers and divers that littered the industry at the turn of the decade. We include a couple of tracks from one of the greatest music library psych albums (and no, it isn't The Electric Banana), a handful of recordings that unfathomably failed to gain a release at the time (including the mighty Five Day Rain) and even a couple of 1970 locally-recorded demos that have never previously seen the light of day. 

Disc: 1

  1. 1:Procol Harum - Piggy Pig Pig
  2. 2:Barclay James Harvest - Good Love Child
  3. 3:Five Day Rain - Good Year
  4. 4:Hawkwind - Hurry On Sundown
  5. 5:Stray - Around The World In Eighty Days c
  6. 6:The Humblebums - All The Best People Do It
  7. 7:Magna Carta - Give Me No Goodbye
  8. 8:Cressida - Winter Is Coming Again
  9. 9:Tim Andrews - Tiny Goddess
  10. 10:Angel Pavement - Jennifer
  11. 11:Harmony Grass - I've Seen To Dream
  12. 12:Penny Arcade - The Two Of Us
  13. 13:River - California Here I Come
  14. 14:Canticle - My Mind'S Eye
  15. 15:Plastic Penny - Celebrity Ball
  16. 16:Patto - Time To Die
  17. 17:The Sweet - Mr Mcgallagher
  18. 18:The Seychelles - I Will Be There
  19. 19:The Good Vibrations - Call Me Lightning
  20. 20:The Tremeloes - Me And My Life
  21. 21:Kevin Ayers & The Whole Wide World - Singing A Song In The Morning
  22. 22:The Flying Machine - The Flying Machine
  23. 23:Love Sculpture - In The Land Of The Few (Single Edit)
  24. 24:She Trinity - Climb That Tree

Disc: 2

  1. 1:The Marmalade - Kaleidoscope
  2. 2:Honeybus - Under The Silent Tree
  3. 3:Putney Bridge - What'S It All About
  4. 4:Jawbone - Across The Universe
  5. 5:Atomic Rooster - Devil'S Answer (Demo Version)
  6. 6:The Fox - Lovely Day
  7. 7:Blonde On Blonde - Castles In The Sky
  8. 8:Curved Air - Blind Man
  9. 9:Meic Stevens - Rowena
  10. 10:Lifeblud - Bridge*
  11. 11:Rusty Harness - Goodbye
  12. 12:Ancient Grease - Time To Die
  13. 13:Ufo - Treacle People
  14. 14:The Smoke - Playing With Magic
  15. 15:The Others - Mr Dieingly Sad
  16. 16:David & David - In The City
  17. 17:Steamhammer - Levinia
  18. 18:Fickle Pickle - Sam And Sadie
  19. 19:The Regime - Mr And Mrs Franklin
  20. 20:The Hollies - Mad Professor Blyth
  21. 21:Yellow Taxi- Anna Laura Lee
  22. 22:Paper Bubble - Mother, Mother, Mother
  23. 23:Andromeda - Step This Way
  24. 24:The Fut - Have You Heard The Word

Disc: 3

  1. 1:Warhorse - St Louis
  2. 2:Bachdenkel - An Appointment With The Master
  3. 3:Status Quo - Shy Fly
  4. 4:Andrew Bown - Tarot
  5. 5:Octopus - Thief
  6. 6:Affinity - United States Of Mind
  7. 7:Doctor Father - Umbopo
  8. 8:This Side Up - Together In The Night
  9. 9:The Gods - He'S Growing
  10. 10:Hard Meat - Through A Window
  11. 11:The Iron Maiden - Ned Kelly
  12. 12:The Move - What?
  13. 13:Sheridan & Price - Lightning Never Strikes
  14. 14:Flashman - Hard Selling Woman
  15. 15:Airbus - Alias Oliver Dream
  16. 16:Killing Floor - Soon There Will Be Everything
  17. 17:Love Street - Rock And Roll Woman
  18. 18:Savwinkle & Turnerhopper - Your Mother Thinks I'M A Hoodlum
  19. 19:Fire - Flies Like A Bird
  20. 20:Danny Mcculloch - Colour Of The Sunset
  21. 21:The Ghost - Indian Maid
  22. 22:Bill Oddie - On Ilkla' Moor Baht'At