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Nutz - Hard Nutz - CD

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 Fully remastered, 6 bonus tracks, 12-page full colour booklet – 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, new photos and new interviews.

Nutz had been building a solid reputation in the UK as one of the best rock bands emerging during the mid-seventies. By constant touring and two previous well received albums under their belt, the band had secured a solid fan base and strong support in the media. Under normal circumstances that would have all been well and good but the emergence of punk suddenly turned a very sunny outlook into something altogether gloomier.

This situation couldn’t have been more unfortunate as ‘Hard Nutz’, the band’s third studio album, was unquestionably the pinnacle of their creative achievement thus far. It was a record that fully refined their objectives by bringing not only their sound and material into a fully cohesive package but also positioned them as real contenders. Issued in 1977, and featuring new member Kenny Newton on keyboards, the record was greeted with an enthusiastic reception by their bulging fan base. Tracks such as ‘Seeing Is Believing’, ‘I know The Feeling’, ‘From Here To Anywhere’ and the pre NWOBHM gallop of ‘Wallbanger’ are some of the best songs the band ever recorded.