Nutz - Too... - CD

Nutz - Too... - CD

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Fully remastered, 8 bonus tracks, 12-page full colour booklet – 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, new photos and new interviews.

Their debut album displayed a maturity beyond their years, attracting positive applause and strong reviews. So, with a positive reputation established, the group recorded the follow-up utilising, once again, producer John Anthony who had so successfully guided their debut. It was a wise move as the resultant record showed distinct maturity and a great gift for con-structive arrangements.

It also continued to showcase the inventive guitar playing of Mick Devonport and Dave Lloyd’s mellifluous and uniquely identifiable voice. Issued in 1975 ‘Nutz Too’ housed a brace of intelligent and well-constructed tracks that veer from on-point mid-seventies hard rock such as ‘Take It From Me’, ‘Cool Me Down’ and the jewel in the crown ‘Sinner’, to more intro-spective fair like ‘Dear Diary and ‘The Love You Lost’.