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Orphan - Lonely At Night - CD

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Fully remastered. One of Canada’s best kept AOR secrets.

12-page full colour booklet – 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, rarely seen photos and new interview. Orphan are a perfect example of the special Canadian ingredient, lending their music a magical appeal and a sound quite unlike anybody else recording at the time. Formed in Winnipeg the band signed to the Portrait label, an offshoot of CBS records.

Recorded in New York at the world-famous Power Station studios and co-produced by its owner Tony Bongiovi (cousin of Jon Bon Jovi) and Lance Quinn (Bon Jovi, Danger Danger) the album hits the melodic hard rock nail firmly on the head. As one of the best Canadian albums of the era, the record embraces all the great elements that make for compelling listening; great hooks, unrelenting melody and musical ability that takes full advantage of clever arrangements. It’s a similar, but not identical, sound to both Loverboy and Aldo Nova.

Check out tracks such as ‘Miracle’, ‘Saved By The Bell’, ‘Hello’ and the title track for proof.