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Encore Records Ltd

Pack A.D. - Unpersons (10th) - LP

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1 LP - limited glow in the dark vinyl 

Originally released on September 13, 2011, Mint Records is releasing a limited 10th anniversary edition of "Unpersons" by The Pack a.d. on "haunted" glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a foil cover.

This reissue of "Unpersons" celebrates an album that established The Pack a.d. as a band by which to compare others. Shredding and pounding their way through every song, The Pack a.d. swallows you whole inside their own fearless Franken-blend of heavy psych pop/garage-rock.

"Unpersons" was recorded at the legendary Hive Studios with engineer Jesse Gander and famed Detroit producer Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Detroit Cobras, Electric 6), who insisted on flying in to produce the record firsthand. After the sessions, the band went back to Michigan to perfect the mix together.

The result was a flawless record that took all the snarl, piss, vinegar, venom and vitriol heard on The Pack a.d.'s first three albums into a realm distinctly their own. Any prior reference to other rock duos like The Kills or White Stripes became no longer relevant after "Unpersons".