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Pedro The Lion - Havasu - LP

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1 Lp - Limited Coloured VInyl

After a 15-year hiatus, Seattle's David Bazan reformed his legendary project Pedro The Lion with the release of "Phoenix", its first new album in over a decade. The album not only marked the project's official comeback, it quietly introduced Bazan's ambitious plan of recording 5 full-length albums devoted to each city he lived in throughout his youth.

With "Havasu", Bazan goes back to the seventh grade, where he and his family spent one year living in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The result is an open-hearted acknowledgment of shame and elation both, spaciously but delicately arranged in affirmation of the nurturing those feelings deserve - even if the kid in need of validation has long since grown up and moved away.

After 25 years refining and building what he calls his "garden of songs", David Bazan has sold hundreds of thousands of albums. With "Havasu", Bazan continues his prolific trajectory while planting the seeds for darker stories ahead.