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Rage - Out Of Control - CD

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Fully Remastered Audio / Contains two bonus tracks / Produced by Pete Hinton (Saxon, Demon) / Critically acclaimed British hard rock band formerly known as Nutz / 12 page full-colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, brand new band interview, enhanced artwork and unseen photos.

LIVERPOOL’S MOST FAMOUS export was, undeniably, the Beatles, a band that would become the UK’s most successful musical export. Of lesser impact of course, but much loved on the local scene, were 70s rock stalwarts Nutz, a band that reached a certain level of success but, ultimately, buckled under numerous financial and business pressures. However, the one great benefit of that demise was the subsequent birth of Rage, a unit fit for the emerging hard rock explosion being pioneered by the NWOBHM.

Signed to the French based Carerre label, home of Saxon, Rose Tattoo and Dokken, Rage utilised the prevailing zeitgeist of the time, quickly establishing themselves as an influential part of the emerging scene.

Their debut album ‘Out Of Control’, issued in 1981, was produced by man of the moment Pete Hinton (Saxon, Demon) giving the material a contemporary, rough-hewn, sheen which garnered great critical reaction and laid the foundations for intensive live work. Musically, the songs focussed on tight riffs and memorable hooks, giving vocalist Dave Lloyd a platform to ably demonstrate his range and style. Look out also for some incredible guitar soloing from Mick Devonport a man, who during his previous tenure with Nutz, had obviously been hiding his talent under a bushel. Material such as ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’, ‘Money’, ‘Out Of Control’ and ‘Roll The Dice’ perfectly demonstrates why they were seen as one of the UK’s brightest hopes.