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Richard Swift - Even Your Drums Will Die: Live At Pendarvis Farm 2011 - LP

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Recorded in 2011 in a dusty, beloved barn, "Even Your Drums Will Die" is a time machine, a real one, to a moment packed thick with Richard Swift's singular, crackling liveliness. Swift is known to many as a producer moreso than a songwriter, but these songs! This voice! They are machete-sharp here, his voice clear as a bell and slicing wry, expert wordplay on its blade. Where Swift's studio recordings are marked by texture, tone and mood, "Even Your Drums Will Die" puts an indelible spotlight on Swift's voice, his lyrics and his songwriting. If you know these songs, you will find them set alight here. If you don't, "Even Your Drums Will Die" is an incomparable snapshot of both art and artist. It is a genie, a real one, let loose from the lamp with Richard Swift's explosive energy, imagination and mischief.