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Rick White - Plays The Sadies - LP

Rick White - Plays The Sadies - LP

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1 LP - limited white vinyl

 Rick White, best known for his work through the 1990’s with Eric's Trip and Elevator (To/Through) Hell, is a close friend to The Sadies. Over the years, he's collaborated with them many times, writing songs for them, as well as making videos and artwork. They also recorded and performed together as The Unintended.

After Dallas Good's sudden death in February of 2022, to help work through his grief at the loss of a good friend, he recorded his own versions of 14 of his favourite Sadies songs. Playing all the instruments, he gives their songs a faithful treatment, keeping all the guitar and vocal melodies intact, while adding the heavy psychedelic vibe we can always expect from his creations.

Blue Fog are releasing this with the blessing of the band, and as a tribute to their friend Dallas. A nice collection of songs for fans of both Rick and The Sadies, on a limited white vinyl pressing. Download code included.

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