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Robert Fripp - Music For Quiet Moments - 8CD

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8 CD Box - UK Import

In May 2020, with much of the world in lockdown and reeling from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, Robert Fripp began uploading the first of 52 individual soundscapes on his YouTube channel, streaming platforms, and DGMLive.

Entitled "Music For Quiet Moments" and appearing once a week, these pieces created a space for reflection, offering a means of pausing from the day-to-day concerns and to provide a point of calm and perhaps, a sense of hope, in such troubled times.

Each of the 52 pieces was drawn from Soundscapes' performances from 2004-2009 and venues/shows as varied as those for G3 (Satriani, Vai, Fripp), to Churchscapes (as the name suggests, concerts in churches), opening act for Porcupine Tree and even appearances at ‘The Big Chill’ festival.

These pieces are contemplative for the most part and range from a few minutes in length to a performance of ‘Elegy’ in Nashville that lasts over 44 minutes.