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Robin Trower Maxi Priest Livingstone Brown - United State Of Mind - CD

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“United State Of Mind” is a fantastic new album which brings together three very different UK music legends: Robin Trower, Maxi Priest and Livingstone Brown. Three artists with distinctive, trademark sounds and styles that dovetail and fuse to-gether, creating an excellent whole that’s full of atmosphere, allure and a whole lotta soul.

“USM combines Marvin, R & B, Jimi tones and subtly funky blues to excellent effect” CLASSIC ROCK “Soul drenched excellence” GET READY TO ROCK “Elegant and soulful, yet gritty and danceable when called for, United State Of Mind is a collaboration built on mutual love and respect – the heartfelt lyrics, the stunning call and response between Maxi’s vocals and Robin’s guitar, not to mention the additional flourishes brought to the table by Livingston Brown all serve to make this an absolute joy.