Ronnie Lane And Slim Chance - Ooh La La An Island Harvest - 2CD

Ronnie Lane And Slim Chance - Ooh La La An Island Harvest - 2CD

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There was no one quite like Ronnie Lane - a talented songwriter and born entertainer he would initially find fame as part of the Small Faces. He co-wrote many of their classic 60s songs and then with the Faces some of the biggest hits of the 70s. It was Ronnie Lane with Steve Marriot who would write the Faces legendary classic Ooh La La.

When Ronnie went solo it would be in Ronnie's way. The Passing Show is the stuff of musical legend, born from Ronnie's love of entertaining it was a travelling musical show performed in a Big Top with associated circus performers and financed by the money Ronnie earnt from the Faces. However it wasn't a commercial success and Ronnie signed with Island Records.

The Island years would produce some of his most magical songs performed with his band Slim Chance. `Ooh La La: An Island Harvest' looks at Ronnie and Slim Chance's time with Island Records where Ronnie released two albums - `Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance' and `One for The Road'.

This collection features highlights from those albums as well as covers of classic tracks delivered in the inimitable "Plonk" style. Tracks such as Tin and Tambourine, One For the Road and Burnin' Summer showcase Ronnie's beautiful melodies and imaginative lyrics. It is easy to see why Lane was and still is admired by so many musicians. The collection also unearths some previously unreleased alternate takes of classic Ronnie compositions such as Ooh La La, The Poacher and Anniversary.

Also included is the BBC concert Ronnie performed in 1974 which features Faces classics as well as a rip roaring version of How Come and a cover of Gallagher and Lyle's I Believe In You who were part of the original Slim chance line up and incidentally perform alongside Ronnie at this concert. Ooh La La is more than a collection - it is a celebration of an individual who embodied the spirit of a troubadour - beguiling melodies, haunting lyrics and performances filled with joy - this was Ronnie Lane.