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Encore Records Ltd

Scars - Author! Author! - 3CD

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3 Cd set - UK Import

This release is a comprehensive 3 CD set of the 1981 Scars album, "Author! Author!" plus related bonus tracks. It is the definitive collection of the band's material.

Scars released four singles and one album plus appearances on a couple of compilation albums.

This collection features versions of the album tracks, single versions, b-sides, demos and live tracks. CD One features the ten original album tracks and eight bonus tracks including the singles ‘They Came And Took Her’, ‘Love Song’ and ‘All About You’ and their b-sides.

Also featured are the two tracks that appeared on the 1981 cassette version of "Author! Author!", and on the 2007 CD release. CD Two focuses on 17 tracks from the band's own archives of their original demos while CD Three features 22 tracks of Scars performing live from six gigs spanning the years 1978-1981.