Slade - You Boyz Make Big Noize - CD

Slade - You Boyz Make Big Noize - CD

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Digitally remastered and expanded edition of Slade's final studio album features nine bonus tracks including remixes and non-album B-sides. In April 1987, Slade's final studio album You Boyz Make Big Noize (a phrase coined by tea-lady Betty at Wessex studios) was released.

Like it's predecessor, Rogues Gallery, it was bulging with big anthems and monstrous rockers. Perhaps the strongest tune is the boisterous 'We Won't Give In'. a rousing song of resolution in the face of harshness, it rings out like a theme song for the band and their inspiring tenacity and is a bona fide Slade classic.

Meanwhile 'Won't You Rock with Me' is a portentous (potential) stadium shaker and the catchy 'Ooh La La in L. A'. details the period in 1984 when Don Powell (named 'George' in the lyric) was briefly headline news as the boyfriend of Bob Dylan's daughter ('Miss Zimmerman') and Slade were in L. A.