Sparks - Shortcuts the 7 Inch Mixes - 2CD

Sparks - Shortcuts the 7 Inch Mixes - 2CD

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2 Cd

Since they emerged into the mainstream in 1974, Sparks - brothers Ron and Russell Mael - have endeared themselves to successive generations of fans with their wry humour, offbeat quirkiness and lyrical and musical inventiveness.

This compilation picks up the story in 1979, when Sparks commenced a renewed assault on European chartdom, with Giorgio Moroder - the Italian-born producer who, with Pete Bellotte, had turned Donna Summer into a disco megastar. It charts a particularly fertile period in a long career.

A & B-sides of the period singles are included, as it runs from early hits like ‘Beat The Clock’ and ‘The Number One Song In Heaven’ (highly influential on 80s hit stars the Human League) through biggest American hit single ‘Cool Places’ (performed with Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Gos) to selections from 1984’s ‘Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat’ LP. Booklet with authoritative and extensive liner notes written by respected ‘Record Collector’ journalist Michael Heatley.