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Sqürl - Silver Haze - LP

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1 LP - Indie silver vinyl with download 

SQÜRL was formed by Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan in 2009 to score Jarmusch's movie "The Limits of Control".

Over a decade later and with numerous EPs and film scores under their belt, SQÜRL are set to release their very first full length record. "Silver Haze" was produced by Randall Dunn, who has also worked with the likes of Sunn O))), Boris, Earth, Zola Jesus, and Marissa Nadler, all of whom are artists that SQÜRL cite as inspirations.

The album enlists Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anika, and Marc Ribot as collaborators, resulting in a communal offering that shares an energetic lineage with the New York School of Poets, a school they nod to on the track "John Ashbery Takes a Walk", which features Gainsbourg and turns two early Ashbery poems into an irresistible melodic siren's song. "Silver Haze" is a poetic journey of spoken words, dynamic instrumentals, drone riffs and distorted effects, one that features tubular bells and a cello in addition to their signature stacks of delay, encircling the listener in a warm oscillation both delicate and devastating.