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Stolen Roses - Songs Of The Grateful Dead - CD

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The Grateful Dead wrote dozens of great songs, and all great songs invite interpretation--to be twisted, revised, lengthened, shortened, and messed with. That seems to be the guiding principle of this strange, enjoyable CD, which was compiled by David Gans, host of the syndicated radio show The Grateful Dead Hour.

The "stolen" in the title is only half-ironic; the Patti Smith and Dylan tunes were taken from live tapes. This was done with the artist's permission of course, but the sound quality on the disc varies widely, just like some old vinyl bootleg on Trademark of Quality. And though more than half of the songs appear elsewhere, it's a diverse mix, and the six unreleased tracks are all highlights. Any 'Head will appreciate Elvis Costello's forceful, cool delivery of "Ship Of Fools," Widespread Panic's energetic take on "Cream Puff War," and, most importantly, the David Grisman Quintet's lengthy, mind-warping version of "Dark Star."