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The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden - 2CD

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2 Cds

Once again and after five years of silence, The Flower Kings is going all out and not let go of his influences always with a nod to more qu'appuyés Steve Hackett, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple but also the ubiquitous Yes.

Combining keyboards / guitar and the massive role played by percussion give the music a unique sound and character; a notebook in which Stolt and Bodin arrive perfectly to write new sentences. With Banks of Eden even if the pieces are physically long enough everything comes together easily because the melodies are catchy and successful thus allow scrolling to see this album at breakneck speed the rhythms are sometimes complex, however, leave some easy to understand this album based guitar melodies and vocals. "Banks of Eden" is a symphonic album and Experimental Rock Prog-influenced Jazz and Blues, an album inventive and sincere in his approach to the delight of fans.