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Encore Records Ltd

The Men - Leave Home 10th - LP

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1 LP - limited white vinyl with download 

 The Men's hugely influential album "Leave Home" came out during an exciting time in New York City. DIY lofts and shitty bars littered downtown Manhattan and North Brooklyn. The city was alive with punk and noise and filth. And right at that time, The Men were the show to be at. The Men hit like a bag of hard cement, a hardcore band with a familiar sound but with an aura of absolute chaos and intensity, like everything was on the brink of going off the rails at every moment of their set, a downhill freight train with no brakes.

If The Men were a chapter in Michael Azzerad's "Our Band Could Be Your Life", the early EP's and cassettes would obviously be Minor Threat and Black Flag, while "Leave Home" would likely be Sonic Youth. It was just before they made the full jump into each record being a smorgasbord of underground genres, from dream pop to folk. But it was a preview of what was to come. "Leave Home" was a pivot from pure hardcore punk (some might even call it mysterious guy hardcore), as the band got lost in the groove in a way one couldn't on a straight up punk record.