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The Outsiders - CQ - CD

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Holland's The OUTSIDERS have a posthumous reputation that grows and grows. Their 1968 album 'CQ' was a benchmark, one of the greatest albums of the late '60s from anywhere. RPM International is proud to issue the legendary album on CD outside the Netherlands for the first time.

Staggeringly, it apparently sold just 500 copies when it was originally released! RPM's package carries bonus tracks from a professionally-recorded 1968 concert of 'CQ' material at The Fanstasio, in Amsterdam, their home town, by radio station VPRO. As important as other belatedly-recognised classics like The Zombies' 'Odessey And Oracle', The Pretty Things' 'SF Sorrow' and The Kinks' 'Village Green Preservation Society', 'CQ' was made by a band with their own identity. As influenced by the music of front-man Wally Tax's Russian heritage as Jacques Brel, songs like "Daddy Died On Saturday" have the intensity of 'White Light/White Heat'-era Velvet Underground. "Prison Song" is the atmospheric equal of The Doors' "The End". Mike Stax, the editor of Ugly Things magazine, long-time Outsiders' champion and friend of the band has contributed liner notes.

With its iconic original cover art, this is the definitive reissue of 'CQ'.