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U.S. Girls - In A Poem Unlimited - LP

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"In A Poem Unlimited" is the 6th studio album from multi-disciplinary Canadian artist Meg Remy, aka U.S. Girls. The dizzying buffet of live grooves represents an inversion of the dusty, sample-based minimal textures of "Half Free", Remy's euphoric 4AD debut. Steered into focus by Remy and mixer/co-producer Steve Chahley, "In A Poem Unlimited" features disco employed as a protest vernacular ("Mad As Hell"), as well as an unrelenting assault ("Time"); moody, slow-burning funk ("Velvet 4 Sale" and "L-Over") and earnest synth anthems "Rosebud" and "Poem", which form the album's emotional core. While U.S. Girls, denoting the plural, is no longer a misnomer, "In A Poem Unlimited" may be one of Remy's most individually distilled protests to date.