Various - Return Of The Tokolshe Men - 6CD

Various - Return Of The Tokolshe Men - 6CD

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Isolated and shunned by the western world, South Africa's rock music scene was buried under the ugly weight of politics and the brutality of the Apartheid system in place at the time.

Nearly 60 years later, in a country still struggling to find its identity, we can look back and examine the small, but flourishing music scene of South Africa.

Operating under the harsh iron grip of the regime, young groups emerged, driven by the sounds of rock 'n' roll and freedom. "Return Of The Tokoloshe Men" smashes preconceptions and breaks through the shackles of political divide and hypocrisy.

Featuring over 150 ultra-rare, original recordings from 1964-1972 with detailed liners that reveal the behind the scenes stories with a plethora of original memorabilia, "Return Of The Tokoloshe Men" offers precious insight into another world, still unknown to many.