In addition to in-store pickup we do offer shipping via Canada Post/UPS/FedEx/Purolator.

Everything has tracking.

(We no longer offer letter mail shipping for cds)

Generally speaking if you place an order it will ship the next day.
We always send a confirmation email with tracking when it has shipped.
If you order from mid-afternoon Friday through Sunday, it will go out Monday.

Why no free shipping ?
There is no free shipping.  A business can either build the shipping costs into the price and offer 'free shipping' or offer lower prices and charge for shipping.  
That's us.  

We have great rates from all the couriers and generally the least expensive shipping charge will be the same if you order 1 CD/LP or 5.    
If you order one item, well, it's going to be a lot. 

The shipping costs are live rates calculated on the website by size/weight/distance.  We charge you what we are charged by the couriers.  As it's all done automatically, we don't set the rates and therefore have no idea what the charge will be without going through the checkout process.   To find out the options, just add something to the cart, click ship, enter your info and the site will give you 5 -10 choices.

A few things.

  1. Local Pickup should only be selected if your plan is to come to the shop to get your order.  Please don't choose this if you need us to ship your order.      When that happens we have to email and ask if you are really coming in from Vancouver and then have to send a separate invoice when it turns out you are not

  2. Record Store Day

    We often get a large number of orders after RSD.  We work non-stop to package securely and ship, but please note it can sometimes take until the following Tuesday to get everything out.  If that 2 day wait is an issue, please don't order!

      3.  Colour/Condition
           Unless indicated in the listing, everything on the site is new.  
           Similarly if the product description does not mention coloured vinyl, assume
           it is standard black.  

           USED items are NM unless stated otherwise in the product description.

       4.  Cancelling Orders

            There has been a big uptick in people ordering and then asking to cancel                  the order.   While we can often do that, a lot of times we receive the order,                pack it up and dispatch it without seeing an email request to cancel the                    order.   So, please, only order if you want us to ship your order.  

Prices are in CAD. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal on the website.

There's a Paypal button and an Add To Cart Button.
If you don't want to use Paypal, click Add To Cart and then check out.


Returns must be made within 30 days of the shipped date.

Any refunds for defective items are approved only after the item is received back at the store and we can verify the issue. Only upon this approval will a refund be completed. Customers are responsible for any and all return shipping costs.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund on items deemed not to be defective.

Please note: Minor surface noise, crackles and pops or minor warping are not considered defective or damaged. We are not responsible for what the quality control of a pressing plant deems acceptable