Collection: Record Store Day 2024

RSD is April 20th this year.

We will have people line up at the back door.  Doors open at 9.  
We'll let 10 people at a time into the shop to shop for RSD releases only.  
10 minutes max.  
This format seems to be pretty quick and efficient !

As titles arrive,  they will appear on this page so you can see what will be here and the cost.  Everything will show as 'sold out' as we can't sell anything online until after Sunday April 21st.

Most of the releases show up the week of RSD, so check back here Friday night to see what will be here on the 20th.  There are usually 10-20 titles that are late, so we will keep this page active for a couple of weeks after to allow for late releases.

Please remember we are unable to hold anything in advance. 

All Record Store Day exclusive releases are sold on a one-per-customer, first-come-first-served-basis