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2LP - The Box - The Best Of The Box

2LP - The Box - The Best Of The Box

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2LP - late RSD title Fluorescent Orange + Fluorescent Green

The Box is a new wave group from Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 1981, they achieved commercial success in Canada, recording four charting albums and 10 charting singles between 1984 and 1990. The group broke up in 1992, but a new line-up was founded in 2005. This iteration of the group has released two further albums.

1AAlways In Touch with You 2AL'affaire dumoutier (Say to Me) 3ACloser Together 4AMust I Always Remember 5AMy Dreams of You 1BInside My Heart 2BThere's Been War Going On 3BDancing On the Grave 4BTemptation 5BSucker 1CCrying Out Loud for Love 2CWalk Away 3COrdinary People 4CCheckmate / Quand le Roy... 5CCarry On 1DLola 2DTell Me a Story 3DShine Blue Lady 4DLive On TV (You Can Watch Them Die) 2DL'affaire dumoutier (Say to Me) (English Version)
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