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2LP - Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain

2LP - Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain

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2LP - Limited silver vinyl 

Legendary artist MF DOOM (aka Zev Love X of KMD) opened up a lyrical wormhole with 2003's "Vaudeville Villain", one of the most unique releases in a career packed with nothing but uniqueness.

It is a concept album with plenty of high comedy, street technology, and hijinks, splashed artfully over next-school beats, which move freely in the spaces between electronica and hip hop, by King Honey, Heat Sensor, and Max Bill. Take a trip back to the origin of the Super Villain - an unanticipated time travel-machine breakdown left him stuck in the early 1990s where he has no choice but to battle sucka MCs and carry out side-hustles so he can repair the time machine and go back to the future.

All tracks feature original lyrics by DOOM, and guest appearances include: M. Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Lord Sear, Apani B Fly MC, RJD2, and more.

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