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Al Stewart - Time Passages - 2CD

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2 Cds - UK Import

Esoteric Recordings is proud to announce the release of a new remastered and expanded two CD edition of ‘Time Passages’, the legendary album by Al Stewart first released in September 1978.

Stewart’s third album recorded with Alan Parsons, ‘Time Passages’ followed the hugely successful platinum-selling ‘Year Of The Cat’. Recorded at the close of 1977 and during the early months of 1978 at Davlen Studios in Los Angeles, ‘Time Passages’ was an album of as much immense musical inventiveness.

Despite pressure to produce an equally successful follow-up record, Al Stewart rose to the occasion with ‘Time Passages’, an album that was as musically inventive and creative as its predecessor, a triumph both in terms of Al Stewart’s song writing and the stunning and sophisticated production by Alan Parsons.

Featuring such classic songs as ‘Valentina Way’, ‘Life In Dark Water’, ‘The Palace Of Versailles’, ‘Timeless Skies’, ‘Almost Lucy’ and the classic title track, ‘Time Passages’ was another commercial and critical success on its release, reaching the US Billboard Top Ten and the UK Top 40. The single ‘Time Passages’ was also a Top Ten hit in the United States.

Track Listing:


Time Passages
Remastered by Alan Parsons
1 Time Passages
2 Valentina Way
3 Life In Dark Water
4 A Man For All Seasons
5 Almost Lucy
6 The Palace of Versailles
7 Timeless Skies
8 Song On The radio 9 End Of The Day
Bonus track
10 Tonton Macoute
(Recorded at Davlen studios, Los Angeles in December 1977)
(previously unreleased)


1 Time Passages (single version)
2 Song On The Radio (single version)

Demo recordings – August 1977
3 Tonton Macoute (demo) (recorded at Larrabee Sound Studios in August 1977)
4 Life In A Bottle (demo) (recorded at Larrabee Sound Studios in August 1977)
5 The Palace Of Versailles (demo) (recorded at Larrabee Sound Studios in August 1977) (previously unreleased)
6 The Hollywood Sign (on St. Stephen’s Day) (Timeless Skies) (demo) (recorded at Larrabee Sound Studios in August 1977) (previously unreleased)

The Chicago Radio Concert – 27th October 1978
7 Time Passages (live radio concert Chicago 1978)
8 Life In Dark Water (live radio concert Chicago 1978)
9 The Palace Of Versailles (live radio concert Chicago 1978) (previously unreleased)
10 Valentina Way (live radio concert Chicago 1978)
11 The Pink Panther Theme (live radio concert Chicago 1978)
12 Song On The Radio (live radio concert Chicago 1978